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Most people would love to come home and slip into a bath after a long day, but sometimes life simply does not give you the time. Showers are convenient and everyone can fit in the time to shower daily.

So why not make sure your shower is as comfortable and pleasing as possible. Our showers are available in a wide choice of styles.

Styling choices include;the option of a handset or head, discreet controllers or exposed and choosing whether to have fixed height shower head or a rail.

Plumbworkz are one of the largest providers of showers and accessories in North Wales. Our knowledge is sure to benefit you in choosing the right setup for you.
Shower Types
Mixer Showers

A mixer shower will take hot and cold water from the water supply and mix them to put out the required temperature setting. These types of showers are perfect for central heated homes that have a good amount of hot water.
Electric Showers

An electric shower will heat cold water using a built in element. These showers do not require any hot water feed so are perfect for homes with limited hot water.
Power Showers

A power shower will mix the hot and cold water the same as a mixer but also include a built in pump to increase the pressure. These systems can be set up in homes with low pressure water systems.


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