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Radiators & Towel Heating

Plumbworkz supply a massive choice of both commercial and domestic heating options. Including stylish designs and standard functional options.

We have a large choice when it comes to radiators. Various styles that will a stylish feel to the room or simply do its job of heating a room well. All of our radiators are sourced from trusted brand names.

Styles include; traditional, round-top, cast iron, designer radiators and low surface.
Towel Warmers

You can find a range of shapes and sizes when it comes to towel rails/warmers. We can help you find the model that will suit your bathroom perfectly.
Fan Convectors

Fan heaters work in various ways and we supply them all. From hydronic systems that work off the central heating supply, electric and even fans that use both.

Fan convectors tend to be slightly more environmentally friendly over standard radiators due to them using less water. This style of heating is very common in commercial industries.