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Hot Water Cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders come in three different variations but all do the same primary job: Storing domestic host water. You will usually find them in the airing cupboard.

The three main types include:

Direct Cylinder - These heat the water using an internal heat source such as an immersion heater.

Indirect Cylinder - These use an internal coil to heat the water. The source of the heat is usually a boiler fed heating system or solar.

Solar Cylinders - These systems have 2 internal coils. A solar thermal system is used to heat the lower coil and the upper is usually done by a boiler.

Vented and Unvented Cylinders

You must make sure you have the right type of cylinder for your heating system. Talk to us and we will make sure you get the right type for your system.

Unvented cylinders - To deal with pressurised water these systems use a built in or attachable expansion vessel and are made from strong duplex steel. They are designed for use in sealed domestic systems.

Vented cylinders - These systems work along with a domestic cold water tank. They are usually made from copper and are used in vented hot water systems.

Speak to us and we will make sure you get the right system for your needs