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Gas Hobs

Gas Hobs are the most traditional and popular means of cooking, and there’s a reason for that. With a Gas Hob you get the ideal compromise between performance, cost and efficiency in your kitchen.

We’ve got such a wide choice of Gas Hobs that there’s bound to be one that suits your tastes.

Electric Hobs.

We supply a huge range of Electric Hobs from ceramic electric hobs to sealed plate electric hobs. We can meet all of your culinary needs whether you are a beginner or cook for a hobby. An Electric Hob will bring joy to any home and choosing the right one for you will be no problem here.

Your choice of Electric Hob will be made an easy one here at Plumbworkz. We have a brilliant and extensive range of Electric Hobs for you to choose from with names from Indesit and Baumatic to Neff and Zanussi.

Induction Hobs

Gas and electrical hobs have been a mainstay of the common kitchen for decades, but as technology evolves so do methods of cooking. The latest innovation in this field is the induction hob.

An Induction hob has some serious advantages over their predecessors too. They work by creating an electromagnetic field which doesn’t heat the hob itself, just the pan, so cooking is far quicker than it would be ordinarily, and temperature changes are instantaneous. On top of that an induction hob is an energy saver, making use of 90% of the energy produced compared with the 55% used by gas.

If you’ve got kids and you’re worried about their safety then an induction hob could suit you too. The hob isn’t directly heated so it doesn’t get hot enough to burn and cools down very quickly, and the lack of a gas source means there’s no chance of a leak.

Leave your old gas and electric hobs behind and bring some innovation into your kitchen with an induction hob.

Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic Hobs are one of the most widely used means of cooking, and with good reason. With a Ceramic Hob you get a great compromise between safety, performance and cost in your kitchen.


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